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“Serious unknowns” in forecasts of production from shale plays, SPE considering “summit”

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Reserves reconciliation process needs improvement

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How revision to SEC rule plays out in YE 2013 reporting to be “interesting”

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Tertiary recovery scheme for heavy oil field studied

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Successful pilot responses support proved EOR reserves

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission may ...read more

SPE papers on simulation broke ground

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Stronger gas prices to result in YE reserves increases

Gas producers filing 10-Ks with the U.S. Securities ...read more

Engineering ethics: What it is and why it matters

Joe Stowers, a petroleum engineer at Ryder Scott...read more

O&G Benchmark Prices to Estimate Petroleum Reserves

(Download .pdf by clicking here)

Price history of benchmark oil and gas in U.S. dollars ...read more
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