Ryder Scott



Job Title

Martin J. Cocco - Vice President


MS degree, petroleum engineering, Stanford University, 2002
BS degree, chemical engineering, University of Buenos Aires, 1998

Professional Associations

Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas

Area of Expertise

"Effects of Relative Permeability on Parameter Estimation." Master Thesis, School of Earth Sciences, Stanford University, CA, USA, (2002)

"Pressure Response of Layered Reservoirs with Crossflow in the Presence of Gravity Effects." SPE 53930. Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference. Caracas, Venezuela, (1999).

"Flujo Bidimensional de Petroleo Hacia un Pozo Productor." School of Engineering, University of Buenos Aires, Bs. As., Argentina, (1998).

"Layered Reservoirs with Crossflow and Gravity Effects - Numerical Studies." 9th European Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery. The Hague, The Netherlands, (1997).

"Simulacion Numerica de Reservorios Estratificados con Flujo Cruzado". I Congreso Latinoamericano y del Caribe de Gas y Electricidad. Bariloche, Argentina, (1997).

"Flujo Bidimensional en Medios Porosos. Solucion Numerica y Analisis de Sensibilidad". IV Seminario sobre Problemas Actuales de la Fisica de Fluidos y sus Aplicaciones. La Plata, Argentina, (1995).

Summary of Employment

Ryder Scott Co. LP    2006 to Present
Petroleum Engineer
Evaluate reserves, field performance and economics applying various engineering techniques. 

Chevron North America    2005 to 2006
Reservoir Engineer Consultant - Asset Development Department
Performed reserves estimations and production forecasts for the midcontinent business unit fields.  Calculated and booked reserves, wrote reports and analyzed field performance and drilling programs to support major reserves changes.  Assisted the non-operated joint venture department analyzing new wells presented by the operators and recommended the best candidates to drill.

Chevron Overseas Petroleum    2004 to 2005
Reservoir Engineer - Asset Development Department
Managed reservoir simulation for the largest oilfield of Chevron in Argentina with more than 800 wells and extensive drilling activity with an average of four wells per week). History matched the field model used to plan depletion strategies.  Assisted staff by recommending well locations and completions for new drills using traditional approach  involving logs, surveillance data and decline-curve analysis.  Responsible for reservoir and production engineering in waterflood and gas-injection programs.  Prepared long- and mid-term depletion strategies, forecasts, reserves and operational capital cost estimations as well as daily activities.  Prepared and presented reports to upper management and partners.  Applied CPDEP analysis.  Interfaced with operator, monitored daily productions, supervised drilling and completion activities and capital expenditures.  Prepared and presented weekly reports for the head office staff.

International Quality Tester - Google Inc.    2002 to 2003
Analyzed the relevance of the search engine's results to help the company gain a strong position within a significant market in Latin America and Spain.  Performed research and contributed knowledge of the market and user behavior to achieve quality improvement.  Identified problems of accuracy and functionality.

Fellow - Well Test Research Group (SUPRI-D) School of Earth Sciences, Stanford University    2000 to 2002
Conducted research on the effect of the relative permeabilities on parameter estimation when history matching is performed in waterflood fields.  Analyzed multiphase flow in porous media modeling using several simulation and optimization techniques.  Made recommendations and presented results to leading oil companies

Department of Petroleum Engineering, Stanford University    2002
Teaching Assistant
Assisted professors in teaching multiphase flow in porous media course.