Ryder Scott


Services to add value

Ryder Scott Petroleum Consultants evaluates oil and gas properties and independently certifies petroleum reserves quantities in the U.S. and internationally.

Our geophysicists, petrophysicists, geologists, reservoir engineers, modelers and economic analysts work within their areas of expertise, seamlessly combining their skills in close-knit, integrated teams. That synergistic, multidisciplinary approach facilitates the most precise, dependable, scientific studies possible.

Ryder Scott provides a complete range of professional engineering, geoscientific and economic evaluation services. Included in these services are the following:


Certification of oil, gas, condensate and plant product reserves
Integrated field studies
Drilling and development program studies
Equity determinations/redeterminations
Well completion and workover recommendations


Prospect analyses
Exploration portfolio analysis
Reservoir description
Petrophysical analysis
Geostatistical modeling
Reservoir characterization
2D, 3D interpretations

Enhanced Recovery Services

Enhanced recovery studies and feasibility reports
Design of fluid injection projects
Unitization studies
Horizontal drilling studies
Thermal recovery evaluation

Natural Gas Studies

Gas deliverability determinations
Gas storage projects - selection, design, evaluation and monitoring
Coal seam gas recovery
Evaluation of low permeability reservoirs

Reservoir Simulation

Single-well quick-look models
Integrated full-field studies
Black oil and compositional formulations
Detailed geological models for complex fault systems
Geostatistically derived petrophysical descriptions
Simulation-driven reserves determination processes

Economic Services

Appraisal of oil and gas properties
Fair market value determination
Investment and management counseling
Software development

Expert Witness Testimony

Expert testimony before state and federal regulatory bodies and courts of law
Arbitration services
Litigation support

Management Advisory Services

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