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The Ryder Scott Cancun Conference was a great success! Stay tuned for the posting of the presentations.  Most will be posted by May 24th.

  • NEWS from Press Reports on Oil and Gas Reserves
      • WSJ, Forbes send mixed signals on production forecasts
      • IOCs highgrade portfolios, petroleum reserves drop
      • JVs get nod over debt, equity

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  • Petroleum engineers: Unsung but advancing the quality of life
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Price Charts

  • U.S. SEC First Day of Month Prices
    May 2019 Click Here
  • Historical Oil and Gas Price Plot
    April 2019 Click Here

Supply and Demand Charts

  • Crude Oil & Lease Condensate Production by Country –  March 2019
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  • Petroleum Produced & Consumed by Country/Region –  March 2019
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  • World Petroleum Produced & Consumed –  March 2019
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Commodity Price Forecast — Escalated
includes Canada benchmarks
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