logwizardWith LogWizard, a user analyzes density-neutron or sonic logs using either of two templates and calculates the following petrophysical values based on user-selected methods:

  • Shale content—Applicable to consolidated and unconsolidated formations
  • Total porosity—Uses arithmetic-average or sum-of-squares method
  • Effective porosity—Uses arithmetic-average or sum-of-squares method
  • Formation water saturation—Solves using Archie or modified Simandoux algorithms

For sonic logs, the program template uses interval transit time to calculate uncorrected sonic and effective porosities. For water-saturation and shale-content computations, LogWizard includes visual basic functions that can be exported or linked to other Excel applications. Based on user-selected criteria, LogWizard calculates gross reservoir sand thickness and net pay thickness as well as average porosities and water saturations for pay sections. The program also incorporates an Rw calculator to assist users in computing formation water resistivity from log data. The template also contains areas for entering core data or notes.