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Specialized Oilfield Software

The five Specialized Oilfield Software programs are free to Ryder Scott clients.  To review SOS program features, please click on the descriptions below, or for background and examples, click on our Newsletter

License Renewals   The programs typically expire once a year, either on the last day of the calendar year or in the middle of the summer.  If you are a current client, the fastest way to keep expiring SOS programs running is to contact your Ryder Scott representative and obtain the refresher password then  run the license file refresher.   We may replace expired programs for non-clients depending on circumstances. Ryder Scott reserves the right to renew program licenses or to let them expire at its sole discretion.

The two steps for obtaining SOS software:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it work in Windows 8 and 10?  We have built installers for Windows XP through Windows 10 using the Installshield(tm) Installer-Builder tool.  Windows 10 has been tested and works reasonably well.  We will continue to test functionality and refine installers to gracefully install on all the common operating systems.
  • Can I run SNAP without installing it?  For those in “locked-down” environments, we are testing a technique where all the required SNAP files can be extracted from a zip file and placed in a SNAP folder on the user’s desktop.  To avoid making any registry changes, SNAP would then use excel for plotting.  The following two commands are required to enable SNAP plotting functionality.
    regsvr32 “<your desktop address here>\snap\olch2x32.ocx”
    regsvr32 “<your desktop address here>\snap\olch3x32.ocx”
  • License expired messages.There are several messages that occur when a license expires or a license problem occurs. If you are a paying client or software purchaser, send a new license file request via e-mail to   Be sure to include the name of your Ryder Scott contact, or when you last renewed your license through SOS sales.
  • How do I Solve Windows7 security problems. Read the Win7 instructions link above or Option 4 from this reference.
  • The refresher reports that no copies were refreshed. This message occurs when the refresher could not find any old copies of the license files, or if it found them, it did not have sufficient permissions to write new ones.  Re-installing may be one option to solve this problem since the installers tend to be given greater write rights than the refresher program.
  • “Cannot renew License on this machine” This message is displayed when an older copy of SNAP has been loaded, expires, is uninstalled, and then re-installed. This is potentially an attempt to evade licensing and the user will need to contact their Company IT department or  Ryder Scott via e-mail. Include your reason for needing to renew in the e-mail message.
  • Installer will not complete / installation rolls back. This is usually the result of not downloading the installers to your desktop, then Right-Click -> “Run as Administrator”.  If the installer does not roll-back the installation, it may have completed with a minor technicality that will not affect how it runs. You can just move on from there.  If not, Un-install all copies of the problem program and try again. If the problem persists, it is probably caused by a failure in the Windows MSI system.  Go here to learn more about fixing failed installations with the current Microsoft fixIt tool, or Go here to download the Microsoft official Windows Installer Cleanup utility which has recently been retired, but was effective for many years.
  • Multiple copies of SNAP are shown on the add/remove program page.   To remove multiple entries on the add/remove page, uninstall all SNAP entries except one.  This will only remove dead links and will not affect the currently installed version.

Upgrades Ryder Scott frequently releases upgrades to its SOS suite, but to avoid unwanted e-mails, we only send notices to users for urgent or critical upgrades.

If you simply wish to upgrade to the current version, installing an update over a pre-existing version of an SOS program will gracefully replace the older version,  but this step cannot be reversed.   You can also install and test the current version while keeping the older version. The best way to do this is to simply change the name of the folder where the SOS program is already installed,  then follow the traditional install directions using the new installer.  When  the new installer sees that the standard installation directory is missing, it will load the new version to that location.

Support and Training   SOS programs have varying levels of documentation and support.  Snap and ProCast have high-quality, Windows-based help and documentation, while  Forecast, PTA, and Tank have extensive help files but more limited documentation.

Fee-based support for the programs is available from Ryder Scott and third parties.   Current Ryder Scott clients with simple requests receive free support, but any non-clients can expect to be charged hourly fees for SOS program support.   We offer custom fee-based training for larger clients. Contact for information.

Use of Data from Submission Form   Ryder Scott will use information from the submission form to send program updates to users via e-mail.   In some cases, Ryder Scott will use the form to send hard-copy or electronic newsletters to SOS users. Please click on Newsletters to review the Reservoir Solutions newsletters. Those wishing to be taken off the e-mail or mailing list for the publication need only to respond via e-mail to with that request. Ryder Scott will immediately remove those users from the mailing list.

Ryder Scott does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy or reliability of the SOS software and disclaims its fitness for any particular purpose.